Ossix 2019 Partners Meeting will take place on December 5-7, in Israel, at Herods Tel-Aviv Hotel. Plan includes activity from Thursday morning through Saturday evening – a chance to get together in person, get up-to-date and plan for the upcoming year.

Wednesday, December 4

Arrival to Israel (flexible)
Hotel drop-off

*Pick-up shuttles will be provided by the hotel, according to schedule. Datum Dental will provide you with this schedule a week prior to arrival.
**Please provide us with flight details as soon as possible.
No additional activity.

Thursday, December 5

10:00-13:00: Datum Dental site visit
12:00-13:00: Lunch
13:30-17:00: Clinical site visit
17:30: Hotel drop-off
20:00: Gala night, Tel Aviv

Friday, December 6

08:00-18:00: 1-day tour, Jerusalem,
*No additional activity

Saturday, December 7

09:00-12:00: TEDtalks* (see below)
12:30-13:30: Lunch
14:00-17:00: Commercial, sales and clinical activities (3 groups)
18:30-21:00: Cocktail party

15 speakers  10-min pitches

Want to share a success story, a clinical case with a twist, your biggest challenge or anything else you have in mind?

Select a speaker of your choice (senior executive, clinician, sales person, etc.) and send us a 1-page abstract of this lecture by the end of August.

As our guests, there are 3 optional hotels to choose from, with discounted rates:

  1. Herods Tel-Aviv (event venue) – $205 p/night
  2. Leonardo Art – $160 p/night
  3. Leonardo Beach – $150 p/night

To reserve hotel rooms using the promo code, pls follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the link – https://www.leonardo-hotels.com
  2. Select the desired hotel, from the above list
  3. Select dates and number of rooms
  4. Insert promo code: datum
  5. Proceed with the booking

*Promo code is valid for December 1-10, 2019